Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This was a first for me this year. In the past I was always anti-scary but they're getting older and cute and cuddly just doesn't fly anymore. It's cool though...they're boys. 
So vampire it was. 

 Cole went as a Marine. He's proud of his daddy...a United States Marine. Camo paint is something that cannot be rushed. Seriously

 Mummy Dogs for dinner. 5 min prep 15 min in the oven. I was going for a theme here but I didn't realize how easy these would make cooking that night.

 Nate went as a mini Marine. This costume was actually Payton's from 2 yrs ago. I just cut off some of the arms and legs.  I was more concerned with his warmth since he was strollin' his way around this Halloween. His one piece fleece fit perfect underneath. Happy warm baby = brothers get more candy

 We hit the entire subdivision. They carried the small pumpkins but I had one large bag on the stroller for them to "deposit" their candy into. I weighed the bag....12 flippin' pounds! 

Now I have all this candy to torture myself with. ;)