Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From This to That

On a whim (less than a yr ago) my hubby and I decided to paint our living room/dinning room orange. I really liked it at first, it was fall time so it gave us a very cozy atmosphere. I'm sure you've seen it in the background of some of my older photos.

Yeah, see there it is. You really couldn't miss it. In fact when we would have visitors and the curtains were back they could see it from the road. WHAT WAS I THINKING! We decided it was time for a change, a more mellow change.

Thank the Lord for painting pros! He came to save us from "orange gone wrong".

Needless to say I love our new color. We went with Valspar's Earthy Cane. White accents with splashes of color here and there. Now when entering the room I no longer let out a long distugusted "Uggghhh" but a happy "Ahhhhh".

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LuLu said...

It looks lovely! Oh how you must love the change! your pillow is adorable... i'm nuts for accent pillows! wishing you a wonderful weekend,