Monday, November 29, 2010

Chasing Rabbits

28yrs I have yet to try one, until today! I butchered the sucker.

I should have Googled before hand. Life without Google?? Can you remember it? It's just one of those things that just seems to have been there forever.
Encyclopedias baby! That is what we did before Google! The good old days. No need for worry of carpal tunnel, paper cuts were the real threat! Boy, I felt like we really arrived the day our set was delivered! What? A report on Rockets? No problem, I've got encyclopedias. Research report on our President at the time, Ronald Reagan, easy peasy let me just pull out my "R" Encyclopedia. Oh big, bulky Britannica you make me feel so out of date.

Do people still buy encyclopedias?

I had a good laugh the other night with my mom. We joked about how we thought we were really keeping up with times when our family took the big leap to purchasing a WORD PROCESSOR! HA!

And for the creme de la creme. You new you were super cool if you had a beeper. I love how parents felt more secure sending their kids out into the world armed with one of these. Sure you can beep me, but you're going to have to wait till I find a phone to call ya back!
143 that's all I got to say 143.

Back to the Pomegranate. I found this clip where Martha shows an easy way to "beat the pomegranate". Her words not mine ;)

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April@gingerbreadgirl said...

omg....143..."i love you" memories....I have some friends from high school who still write that to eachother on FB...:)