Tuesday, December 20, 2011


About a month ago our dog Copper ran away.  The boys were absolutely devastated, they loved him to pieces.  He was a hound dog named after the sweet Copper from The Fox and The Hound. We called everywhere, searched for days, even posted reward fliers. NOTHING. We thought for sure we would hear something within a few days! As the mom a lot of the responsibilities of a pet fell on me. There were times when I wanted to just give him away! But would you know I was the first one in tears when we realized he was gone.

To make things a little easier for the boys we decided to bring a new dog home for Christmas. His name is Dash, short for Dasher. He has been such a good dog. I feel so blessed. Having a new born and a new dog?! CRAZY! But so far so good!

....we really do hope our Copper still comes home.

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