Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This past week my brother was up from TN. Whenever he is home we always go fruit (whatever is in season at that time) picking. 
It was my little guys' first time. I honestly thought it was going to be a bit stressful but I was surprised how great he did. We were up in the Mountains of Virginia; away from all roads basically surrounded by acres upon acres of trees. I was able to give him a little freedom to walk on his own. Whereas usually I have a tight grip on him, he's a bit of a runner. :)

It was insane how many apples were on the ground. Thousands. Honestly it was a bit disheartening. Half of them looked decent. Maybe not the wash and eat kind but at least to cook with. When you think about how many go hungry and then to see how much waste was there. It's just sad.

On a brighter note though it was just what we needed. It was awesome just being out in the fresh air and the boys having the freedom to run, climb, and just do boy things (like throw rotten apples at each other). I'm so blessed that I get to spend each day with these guys. 

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