Monday, January 2, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Well the "funk" is making its rounds. Payton woke up all rosey cheeked, glossy eyed, and sounds freakishly similar to a toad. I truly hope it ends with him.

I later caught him and his brother out on the deck, in the snow, with just SOCKS ON THEIR FEET! They acted like nothing was wrong with that. The looks on their face priceless. As if I was totally lame for making them come in. GEEZ! 

I have a major MAJOR fear problem. I'm reading this. So far I feel like she is describing me. Who knew? I thought I was the only one that suffered from the "What ifs???". 

I really wanted to start this year off on a good foot. I needed to do better with keeping up with my daily devotional time. I received this book last year from a sweet friend and maybe used it twice. These past 4 days I have gotten sooo much from my time with the Lord! I'm excited. If your looking for a devotional get this one

Nate just couldn't handle all of the excitement. I love LOVE how this boy sleeps with his arms up. This photo is way dark but I was not about to open the curtains and wake this little dumplin' up!
"Throw ya hands up, put 'em in the air. Rock it with me like you just don't care." Every time I see this, I think of those lyrics. I just looked up the rest of the song...OY VEY! Are you kidding me? I was never much into gangsta' rap. 

One final thing. Seriously. Who designs the "hair" for these things. I have never seen a camel with a mullet. 

Reminds me of some A.C. Slater......

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Anonymous said...

My favorite favorite thing ever is to go into my little girl's room in the morning when she's still sleeping and just watch her cheeks twitch. Babies are so awesome - especially when they're sleeping :)