Thursday, February 23, 2012

I need a chill pill...

I have a huge problem. I sometimes like to be God's little helper. Now I'm not talking about helping in a serving and loving others type of way. I'm meaning I like to help convict those close to me. Instead of me trusting that the Lord has got it completely in control, I poke my silly little nose in. I open my mouth way too much when instead I need to keep it shut and let Him work it out. Ya see I'm an impatient person...I want it yesterday! That's why all my sewing seams are crooked. But the Lord works things in His own time...not Christy time. Oh man! Do you know how often I have to remind myself of that??? Why is my brain so goofy?! It's because I don't TRUST like I should. Early on in the year a lot of bloggers talked about their "word" for the year. I didn't think I really had one...I've never had one in the past. But here we are approaching the third month and it hits me. I actually do have one. It's trust. I need to trust that the Lord will and is working all things in His time. 

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