Friday, February 10, 2012

Stinkin' Liars!

I was looking through the photos on the hubster's phone the other day. Seriously I about died looking at some of the cutie pie photos of my babies. But then I came to one and I about died for other reasons. Last Mother's Day ( I was 5months pregnant) we went to go feed the ducks. Hub-a-licious took a photo of me and the boys. OH.MY.GOODNESS I was HUGE! AND I WAS ONLY 5 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! WHAT THE HECK! Then I realized something...they lied to me. Everyone who said how great I looked LIED! And well as for me...I must have had temporary blindness because I actually believed them. Well let's fast forward to now. I'm at peace with it (HA!) and it's only because I have lost 52 POUNDS since then. I still have 45 to go but it's okay because I'm getting there. 2 Final things. I think I would rather people just not say anything then tell me how great I really don't look. Those people know who they are and well...I just hope you repented ;)

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lauren said...

:) i think the looking good part is true of all pregnant ladies because it comes from the inside out... there is a release of yourself that is so beautiful. you give up your innermost parts to the nurture of someone else.. that kind of sacrifice is always beautiful. :) but i hear you... 50 lbs is my average pregnancy... ugh. and i think the worst is that 6 months after.. the no prego glow but still all prego puffy... plus the balding and losing my hair. oh yeah.. big hot mess happening. :)