Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I love Martha Stewart. There I said it. No really, I've always loved the idea of home-making. I remember back in my early Middle School days I would stay home sick from school and watch her on TV. I was probably the only kid in 7th grade who read her Biography. I've always had a desire to create "home" and she had and still has great ideas/tips. Recently I went on her site and found these amazing templates and labels you can download and print off. Thanks Martha!


Charon Benton said...

AWESOME! Martha isn't my favorite, BUT she does have some awesome glitter! I will check out the templates!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I've always been a closet Martha Lover. I admit it!! She's crazy, but she's my kind of crazy!!

Stacey said...

I adore Martha! I'd turn on her show sometimes just for the calming effect it gave me! Something about her even-toned voice! :) hehe! But her organizing, decorating, and crafty things have always been done beautifully...and that's a "good thing"!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oooh! Thanks for the tip. I heart Martha, too. (Did you watch that reality show she did a few years ago where people were competing to work for her company? I didn't miss an episode.) :)