Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To Can or Not to Can...

Canning. It really is a wonderful thing. My inner farmgirl (cause we all know that "farmgirl" is a condition of the heart) dreams of the day when I will have a massive garden and spend summer days filling my pantry till my little heart is content.

You probably would never know it now but I grew up a city girl. We didn't do much canning in the suburbs of Long Island, okay we didn't do any canning at all. But a lot has changed over these last 10 yrs in the south. Last year was my first attempt at canning. My mother in law brought me a huge box of Tomatoes, Granger County Tomatoes. This county is known for their maters, the best in Eastern TN. Remaining true to my roots I decided the first thing I would can would be Marinara Sauce. With little help from my Mother in Law I fumbled through my first go at it.

Let me back up here. Before I even started canning I researched oh boy did I research. I know you true blue southern girls out there are probably lettin' out a big ol' "OH LAWD". But I really didn't know what the heck I was doing. I felt pretty confident but there was one thing that freaked me out. HEADSPACE. I mean geeze don't tell someone who is OCD if you don't leave enough headspace bacteria can form. Maybe I shoud have titled this post OCD instead.

So back to canning. Last week my kitchen was flooded with 3 pecks of peaches. So I plugged away. Excuse me while I clean the peach butter out of my ears. I had so much peach butter I had to brake out the jars again. It went great. I was thrilled. That was until I took a picture to show you. That does not look like a 1/4inch headspace to me! Please Lord don't let bacteria grow in my peach butter.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Laugh OUT loud!!!

Oh girl... I'm about to feel your pain... I'm makin' apple jelly this weekend, and canning tomatoes next.


Charon Benton said...

You're braver (is that a word?) than me girl--but, for the record, I did give out a "Oh LAWD" when I started reading....ROFLOL